I’m sitting here this evening, putting off folding laundry. There is a mountain of it on my bed. But if I get up and go fold the laundry, then I’ll probably also feel obligated to unpack the suitcases sitting there. Yes, I’ve been back since Sunday afternoon and I still have clothes in a suitcase. I’ve had a rough week – sue me. Hell I feel accomplished because I made 2 different risottos and washed up the dishes. Of course you can’t tell now because of making the risotto… But I swear it happened. 

So, on the plus side, mom should be coming home in 2 weeks. On the down side, we were considering moving into some place cheaper to so we’re not scraping by and so we can save money. She wasn’t so happy about that idea. Unfortunately, there may not be anything we can do about it. We’ve got a couple weeks to figure it all out. 

No, I don’t think I’m going to fold the laundry tonight. I’m going to play a little bit more of Ethan’s game and level his characters up for him, and then I’m going to bed.


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