Writing has become more forced lately. Hell, putting together what I read into something understandable has been challenge enough. Stress does crazy things to a persons brain. Luckily for me, I have one book done (has been since June). My best friend and I have started the slow tedious project of editing. We got through the first chapter only to find I was able to add another 10k words in the edit.
We will be starting back up very soon. We are reading the book aloud to each other to test how it sounds. It is something of a fun session because it usually dissolves into us giggling about something stupid that I’ve written or something that doesn’t make sense. It’s also great practice because if I do get published, we’ll have to be able to do literary readings.

Speaking of getting published. My boyfriend found me a great self publishing company. One I can even use my own cover art for. Which means I definitely will be commissioning one of my deviant art idols. Now I just need to go through their pictures and choose who would best represent what I need.

On a note from home… My mother has finally recovered enough that she can come home. I had to make sure all the meds were out of reach and her bed cleared last night.

It’s so weird. We’d just spent the last 3 months adjusting to life at home without her being there. Now it’s going to be an adjustment back. But it’s also going to spurn some serious conversation. Because I am dead set about getting to North Carolina this year. So shes going to have to decide 100% if that’s what she wants, or if she wants to make other arrangements.

This very moment… I feel very impotent. I have budgets to implement, and money to save, but it’s all in limbo. I have to wait for this decision, that contract… I’ve been looking at cars. I know what I want… But again, timing. I just need to try and stay focused in the mean time. As I get some edits done, I’ll post a paragraph or two up.


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