Gun control

I’m sitting in an empty classroom, too early for a Sunday morning. It won’t be empty for long, it’s to get my ccw. And of close wouldn’t you know, I forgot my gun at home. It would be just my luck. A lot of people clamor about gun control and how people shouldn’t have them. The only gun control I want, is the ability to shoot someone breaking violently into my house with no legal ramifications.

I day dream a lot… A lot. So of close with getting my ccw, and gasparilla around the corner-one popped into my head. –

I’m at the day parade. We’re where we always are, just under the bridge by the hospital. We’ve walked there from Davis Island where we’d just thrown water balloons at the ships in the flotilla. Ethan is on our friends shoulders, his girlfriend is there, another couple friends and of course my boyfriend and I. I happen to notice a guy there wearing a trench coat. Well it’s January, but like most January weekends in FL, it’s like 80°. I didn’t think anything of it course. A pair of cops stood at the stairs behind us, hundreds of people around us.

When just as one of the matching bands (okay, probably the only matching band) passes under the bridge, this man in the coat pulls out a large automatic rifle of some sort with a flourish. I stood to the back of the group, I’d been on the phone-or tried to be. He pulls the rifle up to his chest and takes aim, at a group of people by the edge of the crowd. Only the people close by have noticed because of the noise, the same noise that kept their cries from being heard. My hand is already on the little 9mm taurus I’ve varied with me that day. He’s fired shots by the time I’ve brought it up to bear. Everyone is now panicking as his gun sweeps toward the mass of people to the right, toward my son and friends, and neighbors and strangers. One shot and he’s down, his shooting spree stopped. The two cops are only now drawing their own weapons having located the source. I’m sliding my own weapon back into it’s holster at the back of my jeans as I start barking out orders to my friends to take care of the shooter and get Tampa general on the phone as I grab my back pack.

My son is on his feet and suddenly clinging to me. I ask him to climb on my back at the moment as I run over to the fallen and panicking people into which the shots had been fired. My back pack was well stocked with first aid. We’d just spent the morning on barnacle covered rocks, I came prepared with 4×4’s and bandages… And because of C.E.R.T. I had triage training. There were six people hit. Two were grazed, and I handed them bandages, directing them to the hospital. One was a gut shot and I had a friend adolly pressure. One to the chest, and I was quite certain was gone. I instructed them to do cpr just in case. Another had two shots, one in the arm with no exit and a leg shot straight through. Compress and start still to keep bleeding limited. The last had a shot to the head, and the lucky bastard was still walking and talking, and of close terrified. I stopped then as I saw paramedics running across the road with stretchers and wheel chairs.

I pulled Ethan around and held him right as the police made their way over to me. I saw people with cell phones, recording it all. I offered the officers my ccw and explained no, I had never been a cop, or in the military… I just knew my son would be in the line of fire in a matter moments and just acted.

–  This is how my imagination works… Whole vivid scenes in cinema quality detail. This is why I enjoy writing, to share what I see with others. Gun control, is knowing how to use a weapon to protect yourself. C.E.R.T. For anyone that’s interested is a wonderful free training. Community Emergency Response Training. I’m a member of the greater Tampa cert, and while I’m not active, the training was invaluable. I highly recommend it.


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