That new book smell

It occurred  while talking to a friend today, that I’m turning into that person everyone can’t stand. You know that person – you ask them how it’s going… and all you get is bad news. It’s not entirely my fault… I just only have bad news to share. I’ve tried playing it off, you know the usual. Things okay – I’m getting by… It’s not my fault you people press for more information. 

So I sit back, take a deep breath and just imagine… it IS what I do best. I imagine escaping into the mountains, on a twisting rocky trail, with Ethan in tow… Okay – Ethan would be in the lead or climbing up a tree. I imagine driving my imaginary little sporty car through the winding roads along the mountains, taking quick tight corners with Ethan squealing in excitement beside me from the other seat. 

I imagine walking through the book store and running my hands over the numerous covers of books. Picking a few up and fanning the pages out under my nose. That book happening to be my own, fully published novel – the first of many. My ability to share what I see with the world. To provide someone else in a hopeless situation a temporary escape from their hell. 

It’s not about the money… it’s about leaving something of me behind in the world to be remembered. It’s about being someone that my son can be proud of and look up to. It’s about inspiring other young people to pick up a book and read or want to write as well. Can my book make mankind better. No – it’s a Science Fiction action romance… it’s pure fantasy. But can it help an individual. Of course. The right book at the right time – can always help. 

In other news… my ferrets got named tonight. We’d been hesitant about what to name them. Did we want to go completely original? Did we want to cater to the geekery? Did we want to pick ordinary, plain names? But our little fancy decided to be a bit of a prankster tonight and played hide and seek. He found such a good hiding spot, we thought we lost him. We pulled him out of the couch and he was quite please with himself. We decided then – we should go with the geekery. So we we have Wedge Antilles, and Wes Janson. For those of you who aren’t Star Wars fans… I apologize for the gaping hole that you probably don’t even realize exists in your life. For those of you that are… you’re welcome. 


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