I’m sitting here this morning, watching the clouds roll over the mountains north of Black Mountain… On the web cam that is. It’s a chilly, rainy day, like many in the winter up there. The last couple days the webcam casing had been fogged up and hard to see.

I’m sitting here dying to write. Not much may come from it… But if I can get these scenes out, I can finally focus on something else. Maybe even the beginning. Oh to get the first book of kts done.

Heh… Kts… That’s our code name for it… That’s been the code name since… *thinks back* senior year of high school? 2000. Twelve years we’ve been writing, and boy has it evolved. Right along beside us.

It started as a star wars fan fiction. Because we were obsessed. Plain and simple… I’m a geek and proud of it. As a fanfic, I had 4 books of information written. It was long and detailed… And every now and then I’ll sit back and read it again and laugh, because it was also plotless and redundant. But we were kids, and it was really our first attempt.

We were so enamored with the characters… We had to turn it into something ti share with the world. So w started working it into it’s own sci fi… But there was always substance missing.
In the mean time, we both moved on doing individual projects and other joint projects, till we realized, they worked so amazingly well together, we should combine them into one gigantic universe, and suddenly we had substance, but there was still something missing, to completely connect it.

A puzzle piece I figured out last spring. What, I can’t tell you! It would take away from the realization when you’re finally reading it. Needless I felt quite proud of myself, and my friend loved it. And the desire to get them done burned brighter than ever. Ahh… But life is an inconsiderate bitch and keeps getting in the way.

But rest assured kts WILL be completed. I’m actually aiming for this year to finish book 1.


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