Could we…?

So, while I will still be working on KTS here and there – to get out some ideas – I will be devoting my time to re-reading and adjusting my final draft of my other book. The third draft is complete, it just needs some severe editing. 

On the flip side – if I can force myself to sit down and read it aloud and do that editing, there is a chance I can have it published if not by my birthday, then at least before the year is out. 

Editing… is not easy, nor is it fun. I sat down last night and started reading. I didn’t like it – I kept getting hung up on the very first paragraph. Luckily, that particular problem was just solved by rearranging the paragraph a bit. And on I went. A few more issues like that, nothing big so far. But we’d also already gone over the entire first chapter. Now I’m getting into chapter 2… and still not so bad. I’d started rewriting a bit of that – I haven’t come to where I let off. 

The one overwhelming thing I realized though upon reading it – is that this book is not an action. It is a romance… with a science fiction setting. It is character and story driven, not adrenaline driven. And that kind of baffles me. While I kind of enjoy writing the smut… Most of my ideas are more epic than this. This book though lays the foundation for the next several – which are on more of an epic scale. So maybe it’ll be okay. 

I’m thinking of looking up Kickstart. I need to nail down exactly how much I need. I have a rough estimate. I think I’ll wait till I get my final draft complete, foot my editing bill myself and while that’s happening – get everything set up on kickstart. We’ll see… I’m still shooting for July 😉

While I should really sit up and continue editing. I am SO tired tonight. I can barely keep my eyes open. So I think I’m going to call it a night. 

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