My mistake…

Aww… I was sitting here writing tonight, music on w/o headphones this time. Just under the volume of the music, I heard a noise. For a moment, I got excited, it sounded like an owl right outside my window. I turn my music off, only to realize it’s one of the noisy neighborhood dogs whoofing in the distance. Blah… dumb animal. Probably barking at the owl I wished I was hearing.

So… writing… Is a lot of work. If someone looks at you and says they want to become an author because they don’t a real job – they have no idea what they’re talking about. You become a writer because you have a story to tell. Because you just love writing. It’s a long, tedious journey. You have to look at character development, setting development, plot buildup, action, dialogue and continuity.

That’s what I’m working on now-continuity. There are sections I have to completely redo because they no longer match up to additions or changes. The results though are so worth it.

I’m actually quite pleased with the changes I’d made, I just have to finish making them all. After writing the story over three times, by the fourth time you’re ready to pull you’re hair out. But working up drafts is how you see what’s missing.

And come to find out… I was missing a lot. Simple things, that help explain why Nathan likes cooking, or why I kept forgetting to write Nadia into scenes :/  oops. Wait, where did she go again? Let’s fix that.

I also discovered things that needed to be fixed. Like the altitude of the city. It’s ridiculous to have it at 3 miles above sea level. Even on an alien planet, if their gravity is anything like Earth – then 3 miles would be cold, windy, with thin air and high pressure. Let’s drop that down to something a little more comfortable.

Meeting up with a friend tomorrow after work. Sometimes, you just need to stop and make a little time for yourself. It’s something that I rarely do. In afternoons where I have to complete things on my mental checklist before allowing myself to write… yes, sometimes I need to take a break. This doesn’t mean I’m putting my book back on the shelf for another six months. Maybe just six hours.


Oh-OH! and Saturday night! I get to go to the Gaelic Storm concert. It was my Christmas present to Terry – okay, one of them. So very exciting.


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