I forgot a title… how unlike me :(

Gasparilla-when every idiot in tampa dresses like a pirate to go drink and watch a parade. And I’ll be missing it this year. I have other things to do, like take my mom to dialysis and visit with some friends that are getting ready to become gypsies.

I kind of envy them. If my life had been different, I could see my life as a gypsy. Traveling from place to place, writing where inspiration struck me. Maybe even do random short stories for people. Ah… Who am I kidding? I’d be living in a small house in Asheville.

Anyway. I swear I had something to write this morning, but it has since escaped my brain. That’s rather frustrating. I can think up and imagine whole worlds and stories… But can’t remember a blog topic from a few hours ago.

So here, have a picture of my latest project.

Flat of veggie seedlings

Flat of veggie seedlings

Hooray for seedlings! I always start mine in baggies so I can see their progress. That way I know if i’m working with duds. I just moved them to the flats Thursday night.

We have cucumbers, broccoli, kale, butternut squash, roma tomatoes. Once they’re big enough, they’ll be going into my containers for growing. I even started a calendar this time so I cam keep them pruned and fertilized.

I have a few other baggies started, but the seeds are old, I dont think they’re going to take.

Gah! These ridiculous muscle twitches! So my eye is twitching, my tricep is twitching. Thankfully the muscles in my chest aren’t today. Yep… Definitely saving up for a massage.


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