No ferrets in the bathroom!

My one ferret, Wedge, has a thing for going into the bathroom and tearing it apart. He tips over the trashcan, gets into the toilet paper and just makes an absolute disaster. And the minute he sees you going toward the hallway – he’s at your feet. 

I’ve been having really weird dreams lately. And numerous ones. Like I’ll drift off for 5 minutes and have a full dream. Gotta love that speed of thought. This morning I woke up to one. I was so tired I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. When I finally did – I got up, went pee and went to brush my teeth. Next thing I know, Ethan is at my elbow, waking me up. I’d fallen asleep brushing my teeth. When I finally DID wake up, I’m sitting in bed looking around like –  WTF?

The other night, I dreamt of a haunted house. Except we didn’t know it was haunted. It was affecting people – making them do really weird, creepy or evil things. But if you looked just right… you could see them within the mirrors and reflective surfaces. We were just running away from the building to formulate a plan when I woke up. I wish I could remember more – it was kind of cool. 

Just settling in to write… I think I have a plan set. I figured out the missing piece, so the rest should just fall together. *keeps fingers crossed* I HOPE it falls together. I’m really trying to stay focused on the book – REALLY REALLY trying… Of course I say that and here I sit writing in my blog. Hey – at least I’m writing. Noise cancellation ear buds in with some music – we’re set. Alright Mal, permaybehaps we should get writing.


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