I sit here writing, pounding away at the keyboard as I talk to my best friend on Google. I have my characters arguing and Nicholai looks over at his brother on the page. 

“Give me your shirt!” 

“Why should I?” Nathan replied incredulously.

“Because you have a change of clothes downstairs asshat!” Nicholai snapped. The scene froze and Nicholai turned in the empty office and looked up… off the page and directly at me. 

“Asshat?” he asked in his deep, accented voice. I glance around the office I’m sitting in. The ferrets passed out cold, snoring softly, the cats not even in here. I look back down.

“Wha… what?” I stumble.

He crosses his arms over his chest and glowers up at me. “Really?” I glance aside again then move to Google.

“I can’t quite imagine Nicholai calling someone an asshat,” I say to Nikki.

“No,” she replies, Nicholai is in Microsoft word, just shaking his head.

“Aria, definitely,”


“MAYBE Nathan,” 

“But not Nicholai, not a word he’d use,” she tells me.

“Yeah I didn’t think so,” I reply. Nicholai just gives me an ‘I told you so’ look. “Then what would you call him?” 

“I’d call him a fucking prick!” Nicholai bit back. 

“Oh well okay,” I say. -backspace backspace backspace- … you fucking prick,” The scene flares back to life and after a moments hesitation, Nathan pulls off his shirt and complies with his brother. 

“You should definitely have Aria say asshat,” Nikki tells me afterward. I laugh.

“I’ll work that in there somehow.” 

I wonder if this could be why I have problems staying focused while I write… hrm…  



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