I’m out of eggs and didn’t know it. My mom’s been eating them and neglected to inform me of this. So I’m mixing everything together to make my AMAZING zucchini bread – she tells me. o.O  Thanks. So after dinner – I have to run up and get some, cause that’ll be breakfast for a week.

My eyes hurt today. They we’re so tired, that I actually brought my glasses with me to work. I don’t actually need glasses, but they cut the eye strain from the computer. I actually went to bed relatively early last night. But it occurred to me – I haven’t had caffeine since Saturday – it’s probably effects of withdrawal. leSigh.

I got up to page 96 in my book and so far like what I’ve got. At the same time, Nik and I worked out some good ideas for our other book. Now one of us has to tell our friend that we’re killing her character. I wonder if it will ease the blow to find out I volunteered my own character for death as well.
As a young person, still believing you can find the ideals of happily ever after in writing, Joss Whedon used to drive me crazy. You fall in live with a character, they make it to the end only to die a horrible death right before they have that chance. Curse you Whedon!

But I’ve grown up, and I understand. There is no fairy tales, there is no happy ending… Because nothing ends. It’s silly to ignore that just because you’re writing. So yes, I already have a few deaths planned out for my books. Death changes the people around you, gives them a reason to fight, or give up. Such it will be with mine.

I obviously can’t write while I’m at work… But I can come up with scenes. I’m not JUST running the folding machine, or scanning files. I’m having dialogue play out in my head. I’m watching a fight unfold, or building a new setting. I’ve been doing it for so long, I’ve gotten good at the split attention thing. And boy did it pay off today. I came up with a great scene to throw in. One that’s looong overdue, and hopefully won’t be too controversial.

After we get a couple books published, Nik and I were joking about going back and as a side project, pulling a “sliding doors” scenario with the stories. For those of you that never saw the movie, Gwyneth Paltro either misses the subway our makes it, and the story suddenly splits into what would happen in both cases.

Doing that with the one book, would effect the rest of the series dramatically. Like I said, it would be a side project, but a fun one.


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