Long lost…

I feel a little at peace tonight. I didn’t have many friends growing up. We moved around – a LOT. I was only in a school for a year or half a year… right up until middle school. In my second year of middle school, we finally settled down and I could make friends.

Even then though, they were not numerous. I truly believed in the quality of friend, not quantity. That year, I met two wonderful girls that helped make my life better for 6 years. One, luckily I’ve never QUITE fallen out of touch with, though our lives have carried us across the country and in different directions. It’s nice to know that she’s okay.

The other, I just found again. I was just getting ready to post a Happy Birthday out into the universe, when I thought to myself – I wonder… I’d checked numerous times, but she liked remaining off the grid. I’d never been able to find her before. Imagine my surprise when I type in her name, and she appears on Facebook. I almost cried to see that her posts were recent and that she was okay. After losing Justin, to not KNOW… To always wonder.

So when I received a response from her today, letting me know that she was okay and things were going well… just helped put my mind at ease a bit. She was the last person I couldn’t find. The last person I’d been worried about. I’d missed you, and even if there’s no meeting and catching up over coffee. Just knowing you’re out there is enough and that I’ll be here.


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