Well helllooooooo….

Okay, I shouldn’t be blogging at the moment cause I’m a little bit tipsy. Fingers don’t quite want to line up with the keys the way they should. If I don’t have any typos in this post it’ll be a miracle. We went out with some friends for their going away party at Mr. Dunderbachs (That’s not a typo, I just don’t know how to spell it).

It was a fun night, and I had banana bread bear. I think I just spelled banana right, and it makes me think of the game we play. I’ll come back to that – I’m trying to string thoughts together.

The friends we went to visit are the ones that are joining a jousting group and becoming gypsies. They’ve got just about everything together and head out either Monday or Tuesday. I had banana… no I said that already. Why the fuck am I blogging? I wouldn’t even be tipsy – cause all I had was beer, but I also had Terry’s beer. The guys at Dunderbacks (again, not a typo and I don’t feel like looking it up). Gave us all a round on the house of one of their ambers – maybe it was a bock. I don’t know – I liked it. But I was already battling low blood sugar when we headed over there. Yeah – like it was smart for me to be drinking.

So Terry didn’t like his. So I downed mine and then at the last minute – they’re all like, we’re leaving. I’m like – Oh, okay, I take his that I’d been nursing, and tip it back and drink 3/4 of a pint in about 2 seconds. I can chug beer. The three Irishmen just looked at me funny and went very quiet. Anytime you chug something – it’s going to have a stronger effect on you than sipping it because it overloads your system. So the effects of that means a rather interesting rest of the evening where I didn’t really care how crazy Ethan was acting. It was REALLY past his bedtime, so for him to be acting like a maniac wasn’t out of character.

I finally remembered the thing I was going to share the other day. It was about Ethan. We’re driving to school the other day and the Lumineers “Hey Ho” comes on. And we’re sitting there listening to the song. And when the line comes up “I can write a song…” Ethan stops singing along, looks at the radio and says – yeah dude – you kind of already did.

I had to lean over and give him a kiss. It was my seven year olds equivalent of saying “Thank you captain obvious!”

So for my bananas story.

We play Dresden. I’m sure you have no idea what that means. There is a book series out called the Dresden files. As you can tell – I’m going to tell you what that means. I pretty much got everyone I know into this book series. It’s amazing! It’s a wizard in New York. Well the author – is a geek. I’m sorry you sit around all day writing fantasy novels – of course you’re going to be a geek. So he decided to create a tabletop role playing game based off of his book series.

For those of you who don’t know what that means – I’m sorry. Essentially – Dungeons and Dragons. Don’t judge me.

Our friend Tom ran one for a while, then I did. And currently our friend Mike is running game. Well in the first game he was really running – he had our group travel down into the nevernever and meet Dwarves. Like Tolkien style Dwarves. And we ended up drinking and singing all night long in this Dwarven bar. And one of the songs that we taught the dwarves was Gwen Stefani’s Banana’s song.

So every now and then someone will say banana’s, referring to the fruit, and one or all of the group will break into song and pantomime handling a quart of beer.

See – it began in beer – it ended in beer. It was a relevant story. Again I say – don’t judge me. Instead, here, share my pain 😉 goodnight…


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