3…2…1… Jump

She took a deep breath, absently tugging at the straps that secured her to the rigging. The wind was steady and cool at the top of the mountain as it ruffled the few stray hairs that had fallen loose from her braid before going up under the helmet. She looked out over the valley, the nearest mountain peak was miles away.
She took another deep breath as her coach have her a thumbs up. She smiled, returning the gesture before reaching out and gripping the bar.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” she told herself, swallowing hard. Her heart was beating a mile a minute. Her coach held up a hand with three fingers, and she watched as he quickly counted down.

She ran, a very short run, off the edge of the cliff. Her heart stopped and was left behind as gravity claimed the rest of her body and the rigging she was attached to.

Thankfully, she remembered to push.

The nose of the glider dove for the longest second she’d ever experienced. It quickly leveled out and she watched the ground pass below her as the hang glider did exactly what it was designed to do, soar.

She had to remember to breathe, it did not come naturally as the wind whipped past her face. The ground sped by below her as she flew.
I’m flying
She thought in quick succession, smile beaming on her face. The rolling mountains were blue in the horizon, and appeared to roll like calm waves as she rushed past them. She’d spent her entire life dreaming of this moment. Her heart almost burst from the joy and exhilaration it was filled with.


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