Get over here joe

Yeah, I kind of fail at the habit forming thing. I’m doing better than I ever have before on a blog. I’m determined to keep it going. But maybe daily posts are a bit far fetched when there are days I can’t even bring myself to fold the laundry. *glances over at full laundry basket* Shhhh.

I have discovered the super-powered elixir of the creative gods – coffee. Laugh, go ahead, I’ll give you a moment. No, I have not JUST discovered coffee, obviously if I’m trying to lay off it. Hell I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 4 years old. What I did discover, is the effect that it has on my imagination. Tea, water, wine… none of it helps quite like sitting down with a strong brew of sweet joe. So my new routine – is to only have a cup when I sit down to write. I will stick with tea in the mornings. And if I have to deal with a twitching eyelid… then so be it.

Last night I was able to push my way past the block I’d been facing. Oh it felt great. Sometimes it just takes a change of scenery, get out of the house and start working out the problem. It’s stiff at first, like a glimpse of action. Then you start asking questions and defining the scene – colors start to fill in and characters move. You put in details, key points and finish fleshing it out and suddenly it’s like flipping a switch on an old 8mm reel and it comes to fluid life.

I also ended up re-writing my smut scenes. I will forever refer to them as that because of an inside joke. Let me just tell you, if you’re already hard up or frustrated – don’t try writing sex scenes. Or rather, maybe you should… I guess it depends on the person you are. I got two of them out last night. And I think it’s something I’m satisfied with finally. Ah… the innuendos 😉

I was just talking with my mom earlier how children are getting mental older year by year. I remember when movies and television shows could get away with the adult innuendos and the jokes went right over the kids heads. You go back and watch as an adult and your jaw drops. They don’t quite make it over the top any more. The kids get it… and that kind of scares me. Where did the innocence go?


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