I saw my first drag show last night. The ladies were all great and it was very entertaining. We went out for my friends bachelorette party. Met a couple of her friends/family that I hadn’t before, and they were equally great! It was a good night.

Of course, things can’t all be good… Our washing machine broke last night. Yep, the universe hates me. I often wonder what in the blazes I did wrong to incur the wrath of the cosmos.

I realized the other day… I swear too much. There are so many creative words out there to use, why in the name of Denmark do we have to revert back to being vulgar? Mind you, I’ve had years and years of this habit grilled into me, so a change won’t happen overnight. But I think if a grab a few replacement phrases to start, then work on the more creative things.

My seedlings are doing SO amazing. Look at the size of them!

I need to see about planting them this weekend. The soil is all ready, it should be a smooth transition. I’ll post another shot when they’re done.


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