Allow me to preface this evening by saying: I don’t know. Usually you can pinpoint where kids pick things up. Not tonight. All I knew, is that my son was about to start dancing, so I had to pick up my phone and record it. I am aware, that one day, he will hate me – but this is not that day. The song just happened to be the youtube song of Feel Again by One Republic.

Ethan Dancing

I was the impromptu photographer at my friend’s wedding today. Her mom picked up the camera and asked for volunteers. Oh, you want to hand me an $800 camera to play with? Why don’t mind if I do! Not a fan of Sony’s. I’ll take a Canon Rebel any day.

It was a very nice little wedding though. Small, simple, quiet and fun. Congratulations my friends! I wish you the best.

You know I always love figuring out things for my book. Of course the “thing” I may have figured out today is for a book we’re not even writing yet. I copied down the ideas and sent them over to my friend and co-author. I haven’t gotten a full thumbs up just yet, but I know she gets busy sometimes.

I suppose I should block out the world and try working on my final draft. Wish me luck.

But with you…


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