Yay Stew!

What a day. It feels so good to sit down. I got up this morning and made breakfast. I was just getting ready to sit down to write a bit when I get a call from the property about a water leak. This water leak lasted ALL day. Gotta love depending on a third party for repairs.

I took mom to dialysis and then had to go get all the rest of the stuff for Ethan’s party. Got home cleaned and made cake. CAKE! I had to make 2 because the first one stuck to the pan. During all this, I put some Guinness stew on. My first time making it and it turned out amazing! See look. Here’s the recipe link. – Loz’s Guinness Stew

Once I get back home, time to write a bit. I’ll ice the cake in the morning. Just can’t handle it tonight. I actually laid down and passed out for twenty minutes – oops. I don’t know why I’m posting this. Oh well – go make Guinness Stew, it was amazing.


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