Fabricating Time

I wish we could create more time in a day. To provide ourselves with all the time we need to accomplish the things we want. You mean I only have 15 minutes to make this phone call that I know will take at least 45, let me fix that! You mean I can’t stay up all night writing because I have to get SOME sleep? Allow me to just throw those sleep hours in afterward. 

Actually, I would throw those writing hours in early in the morning. For some reason I’m more creative in the morning. I think my brain hasn’t had the opportunity to fry out yet. Because by the time I get home and cook and settled and everything else… I’m hearing flat lines. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop.

Decaf coffee and really loud music help, but not just any music. Sometimes I have to look for different music, new stuff. For the most part, it has to be something that I can envision a scene set to. Quick paced beat with great crescendos are perfect to imagine with a fight scene. Bob and weave along with the melody as if I can feel the fight raging on. That’s the easiest one to find, and once I start seeing things like that – the rest starts to flow. 

In other news – WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE GETTING MARRIED!?! What is wrong with you people!?! -ahem- Sorry. It’s like EVERYONE I know is suddenly rushing out to tie the knot. Some have been long lasting relationships, others… well not so much. And here I sit, stubbornly crossing my arms beneath my bosoms and saying – NO! Not happening skippy – not till I’m certain. Because I do believe you can be certain about someone. If you’re not, you’re always going to have one foot out the door, ready to run. 

Then there are those I just want to grab up by the arms and shake them while yelling “They’re never going to change why torture yourself?” Who am I to talk? I can sympathize. Well whatever you choose in your life, to get married, to move on, to find happiness in yourself – the best of luck to you. 


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