We interrupt this evenings writing…

Well, I was supposed to have an entire day to myself to be able to sit down and write. This only half way worked out. My mother was released from the hospital last night, instead of this afternoon. Which is good, but really threw a wrench in the whole day. So I didn’t get to really sit down and start working until two, then I had to go get her, then make dinner, and so on and so forth. 

The changes are coming along great. I somehow had written entire sections where my characters were acting like obstinate children. Fixing that has worked pretty well. I have surpassed the 350 page mark, and I still have a few new things to add. I’ll have hit my 150k word goal by the time I quit tonight as well. Anything after that point is just bonus. 

My eyes hurt. The glasses aren’t really helping. What I really need is some long, undisturbed sleep. What a laughable idea. Oh well. It’ll come soon… I’m almost done. 


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