Roll for endurance

It’s going so SLOW. This next bit however should fly. I’m only editing a bit of dialogue. All of the action scenes are remaining the same. 

I just finished my last smut scene. I was talking to my friend Nikki explaining how writing smut is nerve wracking. You want it to be hot and erotic, while at the same time remaining tasteful. It’s difficult to toe that line. I had to completely redo the entire day, which worked out for the best. I definitely like things better this way. My characters are no longer acting like children and there’s some definite growth present. 

I didn’t get much done today, but it was a well deserved break. We went over to our friend’s house and I played my first game of Dungeons and Dragons. We’re taking a reprieve from Dresden while the Ren Fair is in town. Our one friend is working one of the pubs there and can’t join us. He’s the next GM for Dresden though. It was a fun day, and my character rocks! She’s a human, rogue/thief. A street urchin child that’s great at backstabbing. 

Every time a game comes along, I sit there and consider, can I make Nicholai with these game mechanics. I pour over the information and in the end discover no – I cannot. I don’t know if this means that I have made him such a powerful character in the book that he’s unrealistic, or if my world just hasn’t found the correct game system to support it. One day people – one day this universe will be so big that people will be clamoring for a game system, and media, and creative license. 

Hey, if you’re going to dream, dream big.



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