My house smells amazing

Has it really almost been another week? How does time go SO fast? I blink and suddenly the week is gone, the month, another year has passed. It goes by so quick I can barely enjoy it. I guess that’s one of the reasons I want to get to NC so bad. I feel if I don’t, I’m going to miss my chance to get up there and enjoy it. That I really will have to retire up there. 

I’m having problems focusing tonight on writing. I don’t understand it. I know what I’m writing, heck I have some of written out on my phone I just have to transfer it over. My eyes are tired and I just want to sleep. I guess I haven’t been able to completely shake being sick. 

So instead of writing – I went another creative route. I made bread. Not just any bread. I made Cheddar and Chive Guinness bread. It’s OH so yummy and completely hit the spot. I want to eat the whole loaf while it’s steamy and fresh. It’ll be good with breakfast, butter the side, pan seer it with a fried egg? Yep. That is if there’s any left. 

I have a couple days child free. It gets SO quiet here when he’s gone. I have to clean a bit tomorrow, then Saturday I’m going down to visit my friend Nikki. I swear I didn’t name my main character after her. I just REALLY like the name Nicholai. Alright – I have to at least get  a little bit of work done tonight. Check out that word count, obviously I didn’t make it a high enough goal. I might be about halfway done… might. lol


Productive Saturday

Today is the first day my stomach hasn’t felt like something was inside trying to claw itself out. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that I couldn’t be very creative with a stomach bug. I’m still disappointed that I didn’t get any work on my book done this week.

Okay – I suppose I shouldn’t say ANY.

This week I found someone that is willing to do my cover art at a reasonable price. I’ve loved his work for a very long time and I was able to get a response. I think it will work out perfect. Once I know for certain, I’ll post his D.A. site on here so everyone else can enjoy.

I’ve also come up with a few small things – bits and pieces of some scenes. Went over some parts with my friend Nikki. I was finally able to make a few adjustments on book one today. I expanded the beginning, introducing the main character first. Securing that the book is really from his point of view. I also added a scene toward the end as proof that the series not over yet so people will keep looking for more. I then went back and changed a few scenes to draw people in instead of it being so textbook. Description is great… but there is a thing as too much. I’ve tried to keep my descriptions short and sweet. Enough to give the reader a decent idea of what the world looks like without describing every single tile on the floor.

Also today, I’ve worked in the garden, trimmed some branches, cleaned the ferret’s cage, bathed said ferrets… yeah I think that’s really about it. We’re going to be going to an Arena ball game later to see the Tampa Bay Storm take on the Jacksonville Sharks. YAY! It’ll be fun!

Tomorrow – I’m getting up and making cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes – but apple cider cupcakes. I made apple cider bread last week and it was amazing. So my friend is having a cupcake party for her birthday. So I’m going to turn them into cupcakes and put an apple cinnamon glaze on them. It’ll be delicious! Hopefully I can get the oven timing just right so they won’t be overdone.

And somewhere during all of this… I’ve discovered the exact thing that I’ve been missing in my book – the reason for the crew of ETC to be delayed. Now that I know that – I can keep writing. Push through the slow part if I have to – I can come back to it. That’s what second drafts are for. Though I’ve re-read what I’ve gotten so far a few times – and I’m still wholly impressed with myself. So I don’t think I’m going to have to do too much to it except fluff. Can you sit down without a solid idea and start writing?

Of course you can.

It might take you a few years to actually see that story come to life – but you can do it. Well I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I have the details and it’s flowing. Book 2 should be able to be out mere months after book 1. Then I can get ETC out, which happens at the same time as book 1. From there – we move on to the crossover – Still working on the plan for that one. I need a good plot – a few scenes are already coming together.

A round of thanks

I can’t get any writing done tonight. Oh how I want to… but being out in the sun and dust has fried my brain tonight. Instead, here’s a round of thanks to everyone who’s visited, liked, followed or commented on my blog. Every time I sit down and think – WHY am I doing this? I remember there might actually be people out there that will find as much enjoyment out of these stories as I do, just like there are people out there that stumble across a random blog and enjoy the words they read. 


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Long Day

Not a bad day… In fact a very nice one… but long, and painful. I think it’s finally time to get rid of my sneakers. I’ve finally put 2 and 2 together, every time I wear them, my back hurts SO bad. So take a long warm day in dry dust (Bay Area Renaissance Festival) with pain. Detracts from things just a little. Though, somethings it doesn’t detract from. Such as the amount of gorgeous men at the ren fair. Personally I wouldn’t mind bringing Captain Matt from the Pirate Ship home bound in the very cuffs he sells.

Captain Matt

I sometimes question how wise it is to jump ahead and write out sections of the books I haven’t gotten to yet. I knocked out nearly 4,000 words the other night to a book that I haven’t even outlined yet. I just know there is a scene that I desperately wanted to have. And last night… my brain just didn’t want to work linear, so what did I do? I jumped forward and wrote out one of the saddest part of my books. I sat here crying like a baby as I wrote. Now I have to go back and re-read it to see how it works. That I specifically know of… there’s only one, maybe two more heart wrenching scenes in my part of the series that will need to be written. I’ve gotten two out of the way already. And one of them actually works. My boyfriend is reading the final draft for me and admitted to crying over the one scene. Yay – go me.


Oh the things I came up with today. So all day my mind was wandering, full of great ideas. I couldn’t stop to get a single one of them down. It takes too long to take notes on my phone – I write ten times slower than I think… and I can’t exactly sit down at my work computer and write out story ideas. 

Of course I get home… and I have things I have to do. Can’t jump right into writing… and now? Goodbye details. To be on this much of a roll, to have it flowing so freely for a change… only to have it blocked by work. Let’s face it, unpublished novels don’t pay bills, so I don’t exactly have a choice in the matter. 

On the flip side… While the details might be gone… the ideas are still there. I’m sure as I work through them again, and again, and again – I can come up with something different than my daily ramblings. 

I’m a crazy person when I’m writing. I wish I were kidding. I sit at work and mumble dialogue to myself. I’ll be out somewhere laughing at an idea that just crossed my mind. The car is the worst. Thank goodness for hands free systems- you don’t look as crazy when people think you’re talking on the phone now. 

Of course I realize I’m escaping. I’m blocking out everything else and running away into the fantasy of my books. Dreaming of the perfect… well you name it; men, fights, destinies… I don’t have to stop and look at my life. Our two cars that are just waiting to fall apart… my empty relationship, the stress of taking care of my mother, the lack of money to really make anything happen besides live day to day. 

We finish paying off our boss in March, which means our money problems dwindle incredibly. I am terrified… that I’m going to lose my writing streak. That I’m going to start working on getting a new car, fixing things that need fixing and everything else… and I won’t be able to write. Because I’ll only have a couple hours before bed, and it takes me a couple just to get into the rhythm. 

Cupcakes should be done… yep, there’s the timer. Let’s go see. 

Half way?

There’s nothing I can actively do for book one. It’s in the hands of others and being read for plot holes and unanswered questions. In the meantime… I have jumped right in and started book 2. I have never been happier with this story. Everything is coming together so nicely. 

The first small goal I’ve set, I’m already half way too. As of 11PM tonight I reached 25,044 words. Let me tell you how difficult it is working on something when you don’t feel good. Thoughts don’t run together properly, sentences don’t flow – words get missed. Oh wait… that’s me when I’m feeling good… So you can imagine how horrible it is when I’m sick.

Oh yeah – did I mention I’m sick? Bah! That’s what kids are good for though, passing you strange and foreign germs. I should be better in another day or so. And hopefully things will move along a lot faster once I get into the more action packed scenes. That’s what I’m fighting for – I’m pushing through the grind so I can pick up the fights. 

I just came up with a wedding ceremony for the book this evening. It’s loosely based on a combination of a few ceremonies that are performed today. It was pretty, I could imagine this being a common custom, maybe even adapted from the customs of the old ways. Yeah – I’ll get to that eventually. Who got married you ask? Well you’ll just have to wait and see once the books are published.