I did Yoga for the first time today, and I have to say, I feel great. Of course part of that feeling great is knowing that I only have 30 pages left to read and rework. So close… OH so close. It’s an amazing feeling and I’m having to work hard to take my time. I always felt that the endings of my book suffered because I’m in such a rush to get it finished, I cut corners. So I’m going slow, reading, rewriting and reading again to see how it flows. 

Tomorrow I have a meeting down in Bradenton with Nikki to go over the broad spectrum details for the whole series. It’s great to have all of these individual books… but they’re part of a whole. We need them as a whole to fit together seamlessly. Not to mention how much it will help with the individual books to have the plethora of information to draw off of. 

AND we get to have lunch at Nam Fong’s. My mouth is watering at the thought. It is the absolute best chow mein and egg rolls I have ever had in my life. I moved to Tampa and discovered not a single freaking place can make Chow Mein. I have seen some disgusting looking attempts too in my search. 

So I currently have Shinedown blaring in my ears, and away I go drive Nicholai into the depths of the freezing citadel. Good luck man – you’ll need it 😉


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