So it’s been a little while. I’ve been busy pushing myself. With the exception of 5 minutes every other day, I’ve completely ignored facebook and all of my other distractions. (Yes these distractions include doing the dishes, don’t judge me) But I’m done!

Okay – done is a relative term. LoL I have finished the re-writing process AND the initial read through. On the read through, I only found a couple names that the continuity police in my head missed and 1 part that I had to go adjust. I know there are words here and there that got left out because I type at a hurried rate and don’t realize I miss them. But that’s something that can easily get caught with a regular editing session.

And that’s what’s next. The actual edit to check for punctuation, spelling, grammar, and all that happy jazz. Once Nik and I go through it ourselves, then I’m going to hire a professional to peruse through it. 

I downloaded a free program that converts the files to epub format and was able to download it onto my Nook. I did this a few days ago to do the read through. As I was entering in my name under the author field, the title of my book and the publishing company we’re going to use I started crying. To be so honestly close to my dream. To know that it’s only a short matter of time until ANYONE can read my book, to know my story, to fall in love with my characters. 

Of course, now I have the daunting task of starting over again. Why? You ask? Because this was Book 1. I already had a good backbone and draft for book 1. It’s now time for book 2. The one that has been throwing me forEVER! But I think – I THINK – I have the kinks worked out, the questions answered and I shouldn’t have a problem. I just have to remind myself – get the draft out and pull your questions from there. 

I’ve been emailing questions back and forth to Nik the last few days about the Scienc-ey part of the Science-Fiction. Questions that just need answered before I could get a good look at the galaxy we’re working in. And I found the coolest tutorial on how to make your own galaxy in Photoshop. I’m so doing this and then plugging it into the background of every cover. LoL. 

Alright, I guess getting ready for work is a required alternative to sitting here. 


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