Half way?

There’s nothing I can actively do for book one. It’s in the hands of others and being read for plot holes and unanswered questions. In the meantime… I have jumped right in and started book 2. I have never been happier with this story. Everything is coming together so nicely. 

The first small goal I’ve set, I’m already half way too. As of 11PM tonight I reached 25,044 words. Let me tell you how difficult it is working on something when you don’t feel good. Thoughts don’t run together properly, sentences don’t flow – words get missed. Oh wait… that’s me when I’m feeling good… So you can imagine how horrible it is when I’m sick.

Oh yeah – did I mention I’m sick? Bah! That’s what kids are good for though, passing you strange and foreign germs. I should be better in another day or so. And hopefully things will move along a lot faster once I get into the more action packed scenes. That’s what I’m fighting for – I’m pushing through the grind so I can pick up the fights. 

I just came up with a wedding ceremony for the book this evening. It’s loosely based on a combination of a few ceremonies that are performed today. It was pretty, I could imagine this being a common custom, maybe even adapted from the customs of the old ways. Yeah – I’ll get to that eventually. Who got married you ask? Well you’ll just have to wait and see once the books are published. 


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