Long Day

Not a bad day… In fact a very nice one… but long, and painful. I think it’s finally time to get rid of my sneakers. I’ve finally put 2 and 2 together, every time I wear them, my back hurts SO bad. So take a long warm day in dry dust (Bay Area Renaissance Festival) with pain. Detracts from things just a little. Though, somethings it doesn’t detract from. Such as the amount of gorgeous men at the ren fair. Personally I wouldn’t mind bringing Captain Matt from the Pirate Ship home bound in the very cuffs he sells.

Captain Matt

I sometimes question how wise it is to jump ahead and write out sections of the books I haven’t gotten to yet. I knocked out nearly 4,000 words the other night to a book that I haven’t even outlined yet. I just know there is a scene that I desperately wanted to have. And last night… my brain just didn’t want to work linear, so what did I do? I jumped forward and wrote out one of the saddest part of my books. I sat here crying like a baby as I wrote. Now I have to go back and re-read it to see how it works. That I specifically know of… there’s only one, maybe two more heart wrenching scenes in my part of the series that will need to be written. I’ve gotten two out of the way already. And one of them actually works. My boyfriend is reading the final draft for me and admitted to crying over the one scene. Yay – go me.


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