My house smells amazing

Has it really almost been another week? How does time go SO fast? I blink and suddenly the week is gone, the month, another year has passed. It goes by so quick I can barely enjoy it. I guess that’s one of the reasons I want to get to NC so bad. I feel if I don’t, I’m going to miss my chance to get up there and enjoy it. That I really will have to retire up there. 

I’m having problems focusing tonight on writing. I don’t understand it. I know what I’m writing, heck I have some of written out on my phone I just have to transfer it over. My eyes are tired and I just want to sleep. I guess I haven’t been able to completely shake being sick. 

So instead of writing – I went another creative route. I made bread. Not just any bread. I made Cheddar and Chive Guinness bread. It’s OH so yummy and completely hit the spot. I want to eat the whole loaf while it’s steamy and fresh. It’ll be good with breakfast, butter the side, pan seer it with a fried egg? Yep. That is if there’s any left. 

I have a couple days child free. It gets SO quiet here when he’s gone. I have to clean a bit tomorrow, then Saturday I’m going down to visit my friend Nikki. I swear I didn’t name my main character after her. I just REALLY like the name Nicholai. Alright – I have to at least get  a little bit of work done tonight. Check out that word count, obviously I didn’t make it a high enough goal. I might be about halfway done… might. lol


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