I need to stop writing and get people up for school/work/doctors

So, since I’ve hit a lull in book 2, I decided I should use the opportunity to go back over the first book again. Days and weeks keep ticking by and I can’t sit here and wait. If I’m going to meet my publishing goal, I need to get cracking. I think in odd figure eights, so having someone else look over for grammatical issues is very helpful. I just don’t want to send it to the editor when I’m still missing words and might have continuity issues. I’ll be too into the section I’m working on and write too fast. I don’t always catch the word that got skipped because my fingers are trying to keep up with my head. 

I finally got around to putting laundry away last night. Laundry is the bane of my existence. Usually I just leave it in a pile next to the bed. It hurts my back to put it away. I have a strained muscle in my back, so when I’m on my feet, just standing there, for any length of time it bothers me. If I’m up and moving and walking – normally not so bad. You’d think after living with it for 6 years I’d be used to it… it just happens to put pressure on a nerve when it flares up, presenting signs of sciatica. I have muscle relaxers… but I hate taking them. I can stretch a bottle of 30 out over four months. I don’t need them unless it’s really bad. 

So as you know, I’m dying to move to NC. Well my boyfriend has been reading news articles and things like that and likes to point some of the bad stuff out to me. Of course this recent gem pops up: NC Senate Proposal. I’ve never been the good little Christian girl. When a 7 year old can find flaws in your creation story, you can’t exactly expect her to follow it blindly. I’ve studied a plethora of different religions and finally have decided they’re all very nice, they all have some good points and some bad points. I don’t specifically believe any of them. If you asked me what I believe… it would be more along the lines of the book I’m writing. Religion was created to give us comfort, to help explain the unknown – not make us feel guilty. 

I kind of went off topic there – sorry. Bad tangent to go off on. Anyway, the news story. It appears the NC senate is attempting to throw out all of the Federal government’s discrimination laws about religion. While this is just the first small step… if they’re allowed to carry through with this… it kind of spells trouble for any non Christian in the future – that’s including you my Jewish, Buddhist  and Muslim friends. Not just us heathens. Because it will only be a matter of time before they start trickling this thought process down to schools and financial institutions. The religion box will be a required field to fill out. Forget about enrolling your kid in this school or that, because you’re not Christian. You want to buy a house? Oh your Taoist? Sorry, not today.

It leaves me torn. There is nothing so beautiful as the mountains. No place that has ever made me feel whole… but at what cost?

I think I was supposed to have sex last night… at least that had been the promise. I don’t hold stock in them anymore and it’s a good thing I didn’t actually expect it to happen. Of course if I bring it up to him, it will be one of those – well we could have but you didn’t do anything? I’m sorry, if I have a dildo if I want something hard to play with. If you’re not going to do anything… then it’s not worth it.   


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