T.G.I.F. – Thank Gaea it’s Friday ;)

I suppose I should be thankful for my internal clock. It’s quite well trained. It only takes a day or so to get it reset. It is so accurate, I could go without an alarm. I’m worried however that if I don’t set my alarm, that will be the day that the metaphorical power goes out in my brain and I don’t wake up till like 8 AM. 

Speaking of which, I guess the power actually did go out last night about midnight-twenty. Hooray for flashing clocks. I could leave it like that to mess with the others in the house… but I believe it would backfire and screw me up instead.

I gave up on being creative last night. After forcing my way through maybe 300 words… I decided it wasn’t worth it because I was going to have to come back and rewrite the section anyway. I hate being right sometimes. I knew once I started focusing on other things… I’d lose that drive. It seems I can only write when I become obsessive about doing so. I’ve been sitting at my desk since January however, I think it’s time to get some things accomplished. 

Oh the house I found online last night. It was this adorable little cottage. Smallish for the price. I’m still in love with… well here, look Solitude Ridge. This house is amazing, it’s absolutely perfect… and it’s slowly coming down in price. And want to know my luck… by the time I finally get the ability to get up there and buy a house… it’ll be sold. Probably to some jackass investor that will never sell it because he can make a bundle renting it out and never doing any work on it. 

*glances above* Well good  morning cynicism… aren’t we up early this morning? You usually don’t rear your ugly head until at least work hours. Go figure. Are you preparing me for the worst today? Am I going to have to deal with insanity because of a paving project? My instincts already told me to be wary of today and Monday. 

At least I get a break this weekend. Not in the sense that I can sit down and do nothing break. We’ll be getting up early and running errands before going to the ren faire one more time for free. Then my friend Bonnie is coming over to teach me how to drive a stick shift. Then Sunday we’re getting up early and going to play our table top game (we’re doing dungeons and dragons at the moment). After that taking my car to carmax to get a quote for selling it. 

Then I can take my little purple p.o.s. armed with a number and go see about getting another car. I’ll have 7 days to try and find a place with a decent car that will do in house financing. That way I can compare what they’ll give me for trade in, versus what carmax will outright buy my car for. I also have it posted on Craigslist for what KBB says it should be sold for. It falls perfectly under fair condition and I swear it’s not my fault. I’ve only had her for 2 years and I did my best to take care of it. 

Alright, we’re creeping up on 7 AM… and I forgot about my coffee which is going to be really strong. This might not be a bad thing. Anyway, have to go wake the house up and get this Friday started. 


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