Much Obliged my friends

I’m sure you’d be surprised to find that I don’t spend too much time online. Yes, I’m on the computer a lot – obviously, that’s how I’m writing my book… but I don’t browse sites like reddit and yes, even wordpress. I have a hoard of friends that are happy to shove all the memes and videos in my face when I see them – so for the most part, I’m not missing out. But I usually have a one tract mind. so I admit I haven’t gone over many of the blogs that you wonderful people post. Heck, many of my blogs are updated from my phone. I only stop to read things when they really catch my eye.

So if I don’t happen to respond right off, or even follow your blog, please don’t be offended. That’s why I come through here with my thank yous. While I may not be an active member of the online society (I’ll lurk on facebook usually once a day for like 20 minutes) – all of your time is greatly appreciated. Sometimes I wish I had more time in a day to read over all of your interesting blogs… but then I realize, if I had more time in a day – I’d still never be sitting down. I’d be up trying to do even more than I already tackle.

While I don’t always mention my previous followers, likers or commenters – Thank you as well

March 8th Thank you

February 7th Thank you

January 27th Thank you

So without further ado. Thank you so very much you new beautiful bloggers that have come across my blog.

Boy Slumber

Of Mind Or Matter

Douglas Daniel

Elementalist Epoch

Dallas Kelly




Edge of the Wilderness

Immodium Abuser

Shanes Book Blog


One thought on “Much Obliged my friends

  1. Thanks for including my blog in your post. All the best with the book!

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