Some days are bearable

It is a rare beautiful day out in FL today. We got some free tickets to the renaissance festival again. It’s warm enough to be pleasant and the breeze is cool enough to be refreshing. And all I can think about is how much like a late spring day this would be in NC.

A much as I didn’t want to spend the $ for a vacation this year… I need to see it again. Focusing on my books is a good band aid, and productive. But then I have these lulls in my focus. I have to return to my webcams and dream of the smell of the mountains.

Nikki is working up a cost plan for the publishing of my book. Once I have the full amount, I’m going to have to put together a kickstart for it. There’s no way I can afford it otherwise. Once that is done and the car is paid off… I’ll start looking at how to get to NC. I’m hoping my dad would agree to put us up for a while to save $.


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