Um… I have no explanation

Brain… why? So my brain has a horrible habit of replacing words when I read them. So I’m glancing over Facebook – which obviously is my first problem. One of my long time friends posts that “Report cards are coming home this week”. My brain decides to replace report… So I read “Rapist cards are coming home this week”. Well is that so Missa? What the name of bloody hell have your kids been up to woman?!

On the topic of my brain processing odd things – let’s go with Bacon. A couple of years ago, we’re sitting around the oval gaming table. We’d brought my son with us for our game night. So my son randomly walks over and licks me. He was 5 and in that lets lick everything phase. This of course prompts everyone to laugh and our GM at the time (our friend Thom) asks what I tasted like. My boyfriend replies meatloaf. My son on the other hand gives him a bazaar look and says “Nuh uh… Bacon!” Everyone again laughs, except Thom, who looks directly at me and asks me to marry him. Well of course since then, anytime we find something bacon related, we spam it directly onto Thom’s Facebook. (The fact of whether or not I actually taste like bacon was never truly decided, so please don’t ask). So of course today, our friend Bonnie brought a present for game. Chocolate covered bacon. How curious, right? It was rather good. So of course it was a bit serendipitous that today I get followed and liked by someone who’s blog title is Live Life Love Bacon. I laughed out loud and promptly saved his information.

Ah… good. Thank you WordPress for saving my draft. I didn’t WANT to leave the page, but Google Chrome decided otherwise. I’m working with Nikki to secure all of the social media stuff for our publishing company. Once we get the logos and mission statement and everything designed and created, we’ll be doing our launch. Till then, everything is chosen and parked. Yay. Now I think I’m going to go paint my nails and possibly go to bed. Possibly.


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