I’m a drab person. This makes me sad.

It’s Monday, and there’s no new Castle on to keep me entertained. This does not please me. 

A friend asked me if anything new or exciting was going on in my life. Short of babbling endlessly about my book or dismal relationship… I have to admit I was at a draw. I’ve had my head buried for so long that I’ve become that boring anti-social person. I have nothing worthwhile to add to the conversation at the moment. Generally because I’m day dreaming.

I can’t even day dream on task. My brain must be screaming for a rest because it refuses to remain focused. Either that or I followed the wrong path in book 2. 

You see, I’m a firm believer that stories are predetermined. It’s our jobs as authors to discover and unravel the tale. I think that’s what writer’s block is, we’ve tried forcing it into the wrong direction. It makes those lucid moments that much more exciting because we’ve just discovered the way to unfurl the kink in the line to continue down the right path.

So I’m going to take a break from book 2. I’m not in the mood to write at ALL at the moment, or I’d go ahead and jump into ETC. I think once I get the car, I’ll be able to reset my focus and forge ahead with one book or another. Tonight however – I’m going to go sketch out a rough idea for cover art to send to my artist and maybe turn in early with a movie. Give the brain a bit of a break for a change. 


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