Almost time…

You know… One would think that getting an actual decent night sleep where you don’t toss and turn or get up every two hours would help rest you. I think instead my body went in to shock because I cam barely keep my eyes open this morning.

I’m sitting here before I have to clock in, writing this to try and keep my brain from shutting down on me.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to go take my car to carmax tonight and get a quote. I will then compare that quote to whatever the used car lots give me on Saturday. I would be one happy camper if I could have a new car on Saturday. My friend Bonnie taught me how to drive a stick shift last Saturday. Pretty simple process, just requires practice.

Trying to come up with interesting ideas for rewards for kickstarter. Some are pretty easy, others take some imagination. Not that I’m lacking any, but I’m not a sales person. Being completely non assertive person makes becoming a sales person difficult. Some things are worth it though, so we’ll see how much I can change.

I have to go back to the drawing board for a few characters in the next books. We changed some of the psychic abilities out in the rest of the galaxy. I also have to come up with a training process for these abilities. Not the simplest task.


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