The way car buying… wait what?

I just sat through the Avengers again. Good movie, I love the action scenes (some of the best ever). Very long, I never realized that. Or at least it felt very long. I’ve had a long day, so it might not have been that bad. As I sat there and watched it however, I kept coming up with questions. Why do this? Why that? I was looking at it critically in a way I rarely do. I was looking at it as I’d been looking at my book. While I can go back and answer those questions, it’s obvious the movie was made for the quick witted. Perhaps it was assumed that the dull wouldn’t ask the questions in the first place. For instance – the few hours between when the Hulk tears apart the flying fortress to when he appears to have near perfect control over  himself – what happened? Obviously it was that self awareness – that little man looking at him and telling him he was awake during the fall and landed where he was on purpose. But what about the idiots? Or would they not even notice? 

This is what bothers me about my book. As much as I’d love for answers like that to be discovered by the intelligent, I can’t risk the idiots coming along and saying – but this doesn’t make sense, I don’t get it. Because of course it wasn’t spelled out, it was assumed. 

So I took my car to carmax today. Very nice salesman walked me through the process, and then went around the lot with me while the appraisal was done. And then it was time for the big reveal. They offered to buy my car for a whopping: 

$300     -_-

I’d been at LEAST hoping for $500. I probably would have gone ahead and accepted it for that. So we’ll go through the carlots Saturday and see what we can find. Maybe one of the dealers there will offer me something more. I’m also going to call the junkyard to find out how much I could get for it for scrap. Sometimes they’re worth more as scrap. I AM okay with this. 

I’ve had a few ciders tonight. I bought them for Terry because he wanted to go out drinking and no one wanted to go out with him. So instead of him dragging me out, I brought stuff home. He drank 1… I had 4. That was unexpected… and I’m not my usual bouncy happy self after having a few ciders. I actually don’t feel ANYTHING except for a bit tired. How odd. I think I’m going to go to bed early and not think anymore on my book. Tomorrow…

No, tomorrow is arena football. I still have to put kickstarter together – I at least need a picture for that. I need to get in touch with my artist. Anyway – goodnight. Sweet dreams all. 


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