Magic, it is the building blocks of the universe. It is the in between the science cannot explain. It is where faith and proof butt heads. And it runs rampant in my mind…. and allow me to interrupt my own train of thought for a moment to be thoroughly creeped out. 

So my son is a magpie… has OCD and hoarding tendencies. I am aware that I will have a constant battle with him as he grows older. A few weeks ago, he found a piece of an old earring or necklace or something out in the yard and brought it in to me. I set it on my desk, where I keep most of his little treasures that he brings to me. I glance at it every now and then. I happen to glance up this evening and notice that it looks strange. So I pick it up. And it procreated. There are now 2 of them… like…

Magic, as I was saying. To be a wizard, one must train hard. A simple wave of the hand will not suffice. One must learn what motions trigger a spell, and then practice with that focus. It isn’t until years of use that one would learn the muscle memory required to produce that spell without words, without your focus item. And even then – it’s more difficult. Stages, of magic so to say.

Why am I speaking of nonsensical things tonight? Because to me, they are not nonsense. I had a business meeting with Nikki this evening. Originally it was designed to go over Syndicate items. However I asked for her assistance in coming up with some magical ideas to rework the part of the book that got changed. We made more progress tonight on the series than we have made in a year. The last big leap like this… was when we decided on Kaidd and Skye’s parentage. That in itself opened up a HUGE vault of amazing ideas. Tonight, opened up some more. It fused things together that we can work with in the Koshu era and post-guardian era. 

Consider the design of the universe as a game of dominoes for a moment. The goddesses hands are bound from directly interfering with human affairs. Primarily because they cannot directly converse with most humans, only a select few. Each goddess selects a millennium of dominoes, and take turns setting them up on end. Once the pattern is set, a quick push… Now comes the race. Quickly trade this piece for that, move this one, turn this one… you have until the last domino falls and whoever has the most colors face up, has just won. And that is the goddess that with the lions share of power. 

Each of those dominoes represent, a life, an action, a decision, a planet, a belief… In the ethereal beyond our plane, it is all they can truly manipulate. This is my vision… this is how I see the background being built… I am still trying to sell this idea to Nikki. Perhaps more than anything it is the game analogy that she doesn’t care for. I do not know, but it’s the closest match to what I see. It’s the closest match to the game that I see the goddesses playing against each other for eternity. Once that match is over… it’s time to reset. And the next age begins. 

The only reason I’m sharing this with you is because it is NOT set in stone. If it doesn’t get used in this series… I do believe I’ll start another. I already have one that I haven’t worked ALL of the kinks out as of yet… I might be able to incorporate it into that setting.

But I think for tonight… I’ll leave you with a conversation in my head of a few of the characters. Whether or not it will get used in an actual book – or just as background fodder – I’ve yet to decide. 

“Talsyn… We are the tenth most powerful family on my planet. Even with the piss poor exchange rate, I’m still fucking loaded,” Kaidd pointed out. He caught the urgent shake of Harmon’s head before glancing back over to Talsyn. The older man glowered over at him and Skye leaned in close. 

“It would appear that is not common knowledge out here.” Talsyn’s sour expression did not alter as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“No, not common knowledge at all,” Talsyn concurred. “Your father actually had it in his contract that his compensation for his assistance would be very costly trips back to your little planet, to visit you through the years.” Kaidd didn’t allow his face to change as he considered the words.

“Okay, my dad’s a genius Talsyn. That was kind of a brilliant move – you have to admit,” Kaidd replied with a smirk. His smile threatened to fade under the older man’s dangerous glare. “So seriously, how does one go about getting licensed to fly?” 

“Funny. As the son of a genius – I’d think you could figure that out.” 


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