I need a quick rant.

I want to be anywhere but here today. I don’t know why… Okay – of course I know why. There are days that dealing with you is worse than my kid ever was at five years old. Go ahead, sit and pout so you can get over it. 

I don’t have anywhere to escape to. Just to get away to clear my head. I’ll sit here and watch my webcams… dreaming of the the mountain air. Here, pull up a chair and watch with me: AB Tech Webcam. Take a few deep breaths and imagine the mist from those clouds as they wash over you

 Still in a bit of a limbo with just about everything. I’m still waiting for my artist to get back with me so I can send him the details for my cover art. I need to get the logo designed so I can trademark the publishing information. I need to finish the edits on my book so I can submit the page # and buy an isbn so I can get the cover art template FOR the artist. *sigh* So much to do, some days it leaves me wanting to pull out my hair. 

I was supposed to have my hair cut today… get all of the dead ends off so it would stop frizzing up on my. I don’t know what to do about it. It’s not curly, it’s not straight, it’s just frizzy and annoying. I can’t wear it down because it gets tangled… *sigh* I guess we’ll see what happens Saturday.

 Okay… I think I’m done ranting. I’m going to try and accomplish something tonight. 



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