I never said I was smart!

Allow me to make a suggestion. If you’re planning on trying 2 new processes/products… do not try them in the same night. I’m sure this would be common sense to some people… but I’m an impatient sort of person and I didn’t want to wait around. 

You see the problem I have is that my hair is frizzy. Not because it’s curly… it just frizzes. So I went to our friend Chelle today and she cut off quite a bit of frayed ends. I went out and gathered the stuff to make some homemade shampoo from this website: http://wellnessmama.com/3701/how-to-make-natural-shampoo-easy-recipe/

Then I also decided I was going to try a hair mask tonight to try and nourish my freshly trimmed hair. I used the banana one here: http://www.ehow.com/way_5272699_homemade-hair-masks-frizzy-hair.html

I’m sure each by themselves would have been amazing… but there wasn’t enough cleansing power in my new shampoo to actually clear out all of the banana. On the flip side… my hair actually DOES feel rather nice tonight. I’m a touch paranoid however that the remnants of banana are going to attract ants and I’ll wake up with them covering my pillow tonight. Oddly enough, this was a recurring dream of mine as a child. 

I’m going to go collapse. It’s been a very long and busy day and my back is absolutely killing me. I think I will actually take another muscle relaxer (which would be 2 for today which I NEVER do). Goodnight everyone, and sweet dreams. 


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