What do you say Doc?

“Cowardice? You don’t honestly think you were acting as a coward back there do you? So what if you disobeyed a direct order, you saved twenty lives in the process. Not to mention you’re one of only FOUR humans that survived the entire mission.” The dark haired alien leveled a very serious gaze at Harmon. The older man let out an exasperated sigh. 

“Tell that to my now ex-wife,” Harmon replied. 

“So the woman’s an idiot. I’m sure you could do better. You’re a handsome man, and a doctor. The skills you exhibited in the line of fire Doc, those are coveted,” Tadden leaned up against the wall and crossed his arms over his thin chest. 

“Yeah, by who?” Harmon challeneged.

“By me for one. Why didn’t you regroup as ordered?” Harmon regarded the man for a moment, debating on telling him the truth. Harmon found the words tumbling out of his mouth before he could finish his consideration. 

“I saw the bombing. We had too many injured and by the time we got there, the rendezvous would have been bombed,” he admitted, knowing that the Delvish must have been using some sort of mental coaxing spell on him. 

“You ARE a precog. I knew it!” The younger man’s face brightened immediately. “I told Ben that you were. Did you know that all four of you possess some sort of magic ability?” 

“I wasn’t aware, no,” Harmon replied. 

“Here’s my theory, the mission tanked. Excruciating and extravagant losses across the board, but it could have been worse. If it hadn’t been for you and a handful of other mages, EVERYONE would have been wiped out. I’m putting together a squadron, a group of mages that I believe will compliment each other’s abilities. Harmon I would like you to join.” Harmon tilted his head to the side in disbelief. Despite the broad smile across the alien’s face, he knew the man was serious. 

“Commander, I’m not cut out for battle,” Harmon argued. 

“Maybe not directly or all the time. I WILL need someone to patch up my crew however. What do you say Doc, care to prove your ex wrong? Want to still be a soldier.” 


The above will probably never be worked into a book… but that’s how Tad and Harmon will meet. The ETC books won’t start until sometime after this meeting. 


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