And away we go.

Thank Gaea I didn’t give up when the writing lull came along. Last time I did that it took me a few months to get it back. There I sat yesterday however, mind wandering… and there came Tad’s joking voice, yammering in the back of my head. Yet on of the many characters that has evolved over the years. 

Tadden Calavo started conception as a rich, privileged military brat with a twin brother. He was blonde, human, laid back and quite goofy. As time progressed and we merged the universes… we had too many twins. Brothers, cousins… Oh wait, better yet. Why not lovers? Then came the next shock to the galaxy. Psychic abilities (the reading of people’s minds) are no longer viable for humans. That immediately took away one of the things that made Tad, Tad. Nikki suggested making him alien. I was flat against it. 

Till yesterday, when he glanced up at me, looking almost but not quite entirely unlike a human. There was something off about him and I knew in that moment I COULD work with him being an alien. Once Tad came together, the rest of the crew just fit like puzzle pieces I’d been looking over. You’ll probably be hearing quite a bit about Tad and Ben and Doc and the crew. I think I might even be able to knock out their first book here soon. Still laying a bit of ground work. I’ll probably lay it out right here since  much of it will never go into a book. 

So tomorrow… I go to the dentist for the first time. I’m 30 years old and I’m going to the dentist for the first time ever. I feel ridiculous, and nervous, and then ridiculous for being nervous. I know all they’re going to do is take some x-rays and do an oral exam… but still. Gotta love that pointless anxiety. For now though… I’m going to go write a bit for my crazy alien crew. Good night readers. 


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