Mountain King

Some days, the urge to get outside is overwhelming. It unfortunately usually passes before I have that opportunity. Or I get so busy that I can’t do it anyway. This weekend, I think I’m going to attack my yard with the rake. We also need to mow.

Since my zucchini was attacked by the pickleworms, the plant has been slowly declining. So I’m going to pull it out and maybe start some corn. The container is big enough to hold at least 3 plants, which should yield a couple of good late summer bbq’s

One day, I’ll have enough plants to supply us with all the produce we’ll need. I’ll build a little green house and stagger the planting so things will always be produced. On the side of a beautiful mountain, over looking the Appalachians  Pumpkins growing ripe on the vine as the leaves change.

Probably not this year. I wish it was this year. I SO wish it was this year. Things are definitely coming to fruition, just not at the speed I was hoping. So the book might not make it out in July, but definitely this year.

I might not throw all my $ at the car because Terry is desperately needing one too. The repairs didn’t fix his and it’s still a bit of a death trap. That may just be me, she doesn’t give Terry problems, go figure.

Slow and steady. I hate that. You wold think that since I don’t handle stress well that would be how I like things, but I don’t. I’m a cardinal sign, I like to see things moving.

So have you ever had something bother you so much that you could just pull your hair out? I adore the mountains… OBVIOUSLY, but there are a pair of mountain peaks up there that I could not name. I searched all over and every time I found them in a picture, they were never named. And without the correct vantage point, individual shots didn’t reveal them to be the right mountains. So I went to Yahoo Answers.

I admit, I don’t much care for Yahoo. I used to be a big fan… but not since Google… sorry yahoo… I do however LOVE their answers sight. And today I finally got my answer.

Mountain King - Table Rock Mountain, Linville Gorge, North Carolina

The mountains I’ve been seeing is Table Rock and Hawksbill. Both I tried looking up… but all the images were always from different directions. YAY!

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