I feel like doing nothing.

I spoke too soon… I don’t like being non creative. It makes me feel bored and listless. I want to work in my garden, but there’s nothing else I can do until my new seeds sprout. I bought a small citronella plant and a dill plant today. Usually I start things from seeds, but sometimes it’s nice to have things already going. Especially for things that I’ll be using right off.

I guess I’m not completely un-creative at the moment. Cooking is creating something. I’m making Guinness stew and Guinness bread. My house smells amazing. It should all be done very very soon. The only thing I’m lacking is good desert. 

I watched the new Wizard of Oz movie last night. It was amazing. I was impressed at how marvelously well done it was. I also caved and watched Scary Movie 5. *sigh* It was surprisingly funny. One of the better Scary Movies made I think. Later this week… is Iron Man. I will suffer Friday so that we can go to the midnight matinee for it. Now THAT is a movie worth going to the opening showing. 

I like to see the crowd reactions for some of these. Usually you get the die hard fans. The theater will be loud and boisterous until the opening credits roll – and then silence. Everyone is holding their breath. You get the honest gasps and cheers throughout the movie. 


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