Still here

I’m not absent I promise… just busy and incapable of keeping to a routine. 

Yesterday I spent searching for properties in NC. The day before that I tried researching what it would take to start my own off the grid land co-op… And on and on. 

Found a plot of land. SUCH a plot of land – at least on paper it’s amazing. There’s no way I’d be able to see it until July when I make the trip up there. So here’s my thoughts. Find a bit of inexpensive land, pay on it now while I have a job and everything is relatively steady… and slowly move up there. Start with a little trailer and finding a job, save up money, build the house from the ground up all by ourselves – etc. This of course all revolves around funding. 

My whole freaking life revolves around funding. I had to have the money to get a car that wasn’t going to leave me stranded on the side of the road or in an accident, I can’t get my book published until I get a little more funding, which I can’t do until I can get my kickstarter going and F*** Amazon Payments man – what a freaking joke of a company. My first thought was FINALLY something to replace Paypal. Hump that noise. It’s been over 2 weeks now and they STILL haven’t verified my bank account despite me following their every direction. I can’t get property without funding… 

So yes… I’ll buy some cheap land and slowly build something so I don’t have to have a lot of funding. I’ll strip it down to bare bones if I have to. I know I could live that way – it would be a bit of an adjustment for my son who has freaking everything in the world. I don’t know if Terry could manage it. We’ll see though. 

Anyway… Started a diet with my friend Nikki and her friend on Monday. I’m not good at dieting. My life is too busy, and trying to feed everyone in the house and stay on the diet… I have to keep most of my calories open for dinner time because of homemade meals that I can’t accurately count the calories for. Whatever – I’m trying dammit.


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