To think… or not to think aloud

So I’m starting my first round of official revisions. Nikki believes that the book lends itself to being written in first person. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE writing in first person. There’s so much that you can convey to the reader that way. Not JUST the world and what’s going on, but trivial thoughts that help shape and define a character. But to write in first person… you have to commit to first person. There is no jumping scenes, or a quick flash to the villain. You have to filter certain information in just such a way so as not to reveal EVERYTHING that the character knows. 

Not only is rearranging the entire book from 3rd to 1st person a daunting task… I kind of enjoy it as 3rd person. It’s a challenge I enjoy to develop a real character feel in 3rd. Nik’s reasoning is because I like to talk to the reader, and 3rd person doesn’t lend itself to that. It becomes too stiff and textbook. Changing it however opens up a type of can of worms that you don’t want. 

Consider for a moment how fast the human brain functions. The amount of things you can think of in a minute… now give me that freedom to put it all down on paper. I would end up with a completely different story that would need a whole new set of editing and revisions and more editing. I promise it’s not laziness, it’s because I CAN’T go first person in the following books. How odd would that be? First book in first person – all the rest in third? I will have far too many points of view in the next books to even attempt something like a multi-person first person book. 

I can’t keep mulling over it tonight. I need to do a few exercises and head to bed. I don’t want Monday morning to come… the alternative however means I never get my book published. Bleh….


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