Be one with the goddess… Can I just BE the goddess?


There’s something about flowers. The promise of life, of hope, a new beginning. This is a rose I saved from the abandoned house across the street. Just a month ago it was dry and dying. Over the weekend it popped 14 buds. Now if I could just get my key lime tree and jasmine to bloom. I mean look at what I harvested off of my lavender. 



I’ll be planting my corn soon. That will be exciting to watch grow. One of my favorite things is a freshly grilled corn on the cob. Mmm… hello summer.

So… I think I’m trying to work on too much at once. I’m doing revisions to Forgotten Guardian, just put my down payment with my artist to get the cover art done. I’ve been searching for properties in North Carolina, working in the garden, actually working, spending time with my son, exercising (for a change), and when I get a few minutes to sit I have 4 writing projects going on. 

Project 1: Sequel to Forgotten Guardian – unnamed. I’ve made quite a dent so far

Project 2: ETC – which goes on at the same time as Forgotten Guardian. Don’t have as much on this one

Project 3: My steampunk story. Something for the younger readers – a new world to explore with some wild ideas. 

Project 4: My new baby: the alternate universe version of Forgotten Guardian. I’ll eventually finish it and publish it as a limited edition digital book. I might throw a few of them out in paperback as a collector’s book. 

What is an alternate universe version? Have you ever watched Anime? 🙂 Take my book… and make 1 simple change… how would the world have been effected by that one change? I actually have the answer in this case. It would create a ripple that would travel the twenty something years out to KTS – effecting the entire galaxy. 

You know… I think I write because I have a megalomania complex. It would explain why I’ve actually personified the goddesses in our books. It would also explain why I actually have a goddess in another project designed after myself. Perhaps it’s better to express these ideas on paper instead of actually letting them effect my every day life.

Who needs to drop thousands of dollars on a shrink when you can evaluate yourself? Know thyself they say… Well I did that long ago. No point moving forward with your life if you don’t know who you’re moving forward with.

“The first step… is the one you believe in. The second one might be profound…” – Brent Smith from Shinedown I’ll Follow You Down. 



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