Happy Mommy Day

Happy mother’s day everyone. 

What a day. I’m so tired. We’ve been up and moving since 9 this morning. Terry helped Ethan make me eggs and sausage for breakfast and they brought me breakfast in bed. It was so sweet. I have flowers galore. I made my mom the jello cake she’s been asking for, and a homemade Manicotti dinner last night. I grilled hamburgers for everyone today. 

My grill has been really bad about having grease fires ignite. I’m going to have to go clean it thoroughly before I use it again. I use it quite a bit through the summertime. My corn is getting nice and tall and I’ve got my homemade pickles brewing on the counter, those should be done by the weekend. So exciting. 

So far, my kickstarter is doing pretty good. I’ve got 7 backers for $175. Hopefully I’ll be able to scrape together some more backers. I hate asking for money. The idea of digitally panhandling twists my insides. With all of the other financial responsibilities I have, there’s no way I’d be able to make my book become a reality without some help. The nice thing about kickstarter is that I’m providing the backers something in return – from digital copies to exclusive, limited edition items for the book. So it’s not like I’m asking for something for nothing. Terry added it up. If everyone on his facebook donated just 5 dollars, I would have double what I need to get the book published in paperback (which is what I prefer)


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