Thank goodness for warranties

Gah… I’m having to have my nook replaced – AGAIN! This is the second time in a year and a half. I LOVE it, it’s amazing… and it keeps dying on me. Terry hasn’t had a problem with his. So I’m coming to the conclusion that Nooks are like cameras. I haven’t been able to own a camera in years. Every one that I touch dies (ps, don’t let me borrow your camera. I kill other people’s too) It’s not that I’m clumsy or abuse them… it’s that they don’t like me. I’ve literally had them stop working for absolutely no reason in my hands.  

I’m just jotting down a quick post before I go back to my revisions. I’ve gotten through page 90 of 454. Um… I have a bit of a ways to go. If you want a great book to work with check out  Your First Novel. It is a VERY helpful book – especially if you don’t have someone like my friend Nikki helping you out. 



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