The kid and the ferrets

Just sitting here – decompressing a little bit while my son runs around playing with the ferrets. I would think after an entire day of running around, playing, and swimming that he would be beat – but I swear this child has the energy of a madman. Tell me there’s a way to bottle that and sell it. I wouldn’t have to worry about the money to publish my books. 

I was up till nearly 2 AM last night writing. I was able to write 5k words, bringing my total on Etcetera to 8k. I have two books that have eluded me for years. One of them is the joint project with my friend (KTS) the other… is Etcetera. Originally that was just it’s code name… but I truly am leaning toward that being the actual title. Or – Codename: Etcetera. I have been working on this book for over ten years. Every time I start it, I change it. I’m not just talking little details, I mean major plot points. Whoops, time for a restart. I think this time – I have it though. I’ve been letting the ideas stew in my mind for the last few months since I worked out the details last. The only changes I’ve made are timing – and not even timing that will effect the writing. So when I was able to get into Tadden’s mindset last night, I just couldn’t stop. Until of course I caught myself falling asleep at my computer. I decided I wouldn’t be able to trust what I wrote after that point. 

Tadden has always been interesting to write for. Perhaps even more so with the changes I’ve given him. If I can just stay in right mind set, then I’ll be able to work through ETC while I wait on the proposed revisions for FG. Hooray for killing 2 birds with 1 stone. 

But for now, it’s time to get the kid into bed, run one more errand, and get a shower and PRAY when that’s all done – I’m awake enough to still write tonight. 


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