Curse you MONDAY!

No… no no no, I can’t be getting tired. It’s only 10 oclock! All I have wanted to do today is sit down and write. But today was Monday. 

Now let me point out – I’m usually a fan of Monday. I’m a Cancer, my planet is the moon which rules Monday. But today – SUCKED. Not that anything bad happened, it was just so BUSY! 

It of course didn’t help matters that as I was leaving my first office – I had an idea. Just a simple idea that sprung from the statement “I defer my command.” That kicked my brain into high gear. What would cause Tadden Calavo so much emotional duress that he would hand over command of his ship? A quick answer appeared. I thought it was just vivid, action packed scene. I got home – with no time to sit down and write because I had a board meeting tonight. I quickly pound out the premise of my mental anguish today to send to Nik when it hit me. I had the main plot for a full freaking book. Start to finish. And not only did it kick off the book – but this book would be the one to propel the series into deep space and complete science fiction. 

I quickly saved the information. Instead what I sent to Nikki was the promise of getting to actually read something from start to finish on a draft. I don’t really need ideas, or sound boarding. It all came to me. It was like steam on a window. It started just around the edges, but when I started to focus in on the empty center, it quickly filled itself in. 

Then of course I had to go to my board meeting, then get home and get my son to bed… and now I’m exhausted. I’ve kicked out a measly 1k words and I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open. The creative realm doesn’t like me. I wish I could write in my sleep. 


“What do we do?” Glyn asked, his golden eyes wide with worry. Benjery glanced back at his partner. The look on Tadden’s face broke his heart.

“I…” the taller man trailed off as he reached out to the back of one of the command chairs. “I don’t know.” He whispered at last.

“You kind of have to know. We don’t exactly have a long time to think about it,” Harmon pointed out.

“I… I defer command.” Benjery’s eyes snapped back to Tadden in surprise.

“You what?”

“I relinquish my position to Commander Calavo,” Tadden said. His eyes didn’t meet anyone’s as he backed out of the alcove.

“Tadden,” Benjery snapped at the delvish’s back as he disappeared down the steps. It took a moment for Benjery to realize that all present were staring at him. He glanced over at the WAT drive’s countdown.

There were four minutes on the clock.

He let out a frustrated growl as he pushed past where Glyn and Nicholai were standing.

“Give me two minutes,” he gushed as he chased Tadden down the steps and into their quarters. Tadden was on the bed, staring numbly down at the ground.

“What do you think you’re doing? I’m no Captain,” Benjery demanded as he closed the door.

“You are. You’re more than capable of handling this,” Tadden said, his voice was thick and Benjery knew it must be taking quite a bit for his lover to keep back the tears that threatened to show. 


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