Creative differences

… and poor communication skills. *grumble*

You’d think two writers would be able to get their points across in email. Alas, sometimes this is not the case. I have been going back and forth all day. She’s been talking about one thing, and I’ve been talking about an entirely different thing. So now I wait. Could be persuaded my ass – sorry toots, who’s the one actually working on writing? That’s actually making progress? I think you’ve forgotten that the reason I have these offshoot stories was because I couldn’t get you to focus on anything to make any decisions or write. You got mad at me for writing and contributing because you felt jealous and left out. I didn’t stop you from writing. I was just trying to keep things moving to not waste my life.

So I started a new series, something I could work out without someone attempting to dictate my own creativity to me. Many of the same themes were there, because that’s what I enjoy working with. There were character similarities, because I was trying to replace the ones you were holding hostage with some others I could love and work with easily. Because THIS… writing, creating, breathing life into new worlds and new characters… THIS is what I want to do. This is what excites me and comforts me.

WHY do you have to be the only person on the planet that shares my freaking wavelength?! Why are you the only person that I can talk to about these ideas effectively – because sometimes I’d like to throw you off a building – as I’m sure there are days you’d like to drag me behind a semi. So I’m quite certain we’re equal.

The stories are not about magic, they’re about the characters. It’s about that person’s life – and okay, so they can use magic. Flash, bang, boom – a lot of people enjoy that sort of thing. It’s enchanting, it draws them in. It strikes the simplistic “what if I could do that?” chord in their own imagination. I’m a fantasy/science fiction writer, so guess who I’m catering to?

Oh please oh please don’t let this set the tone to my long weekend. Sunday is already gone because of game. I know Terry is going to try and drag me out Monday to SOMEONE’s memorial day thing. Tonight we’re going out with friends… Can you please just leave me alone with my own overboard ideas and let me write.



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